Ser Man Traders Workshop

  • OISE 252 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON, M5R Canada

At this trading workshop workshop, Mike Ser will introduce you to all aspects of the trading world and explain the successful strategies he has employed as professional day and swing traders. You will also gain insight on the routine, tools and lessons he has developed from his years of professional trading and coaching experience. Trader Success Case Studies will also be discussed. Spaces are limited so registration will be on a first come first serve basis. Dress code is casual.

Mike Ser is the Managing Partner of Ser Man Traders, a trader development firm with offices in Vancouver and Toronto. Together with his most successful student, Andy Man, they founded Ser Man Traders with the vision to mentor and help traders develop their own customized trading styles. Having mentored many traders from various backgrounds for over 10 years and with 17 years of trading experience, Mr. Ser understands that every trader is unique. This is why he focuses on helping traders formulate a personalized trading plan that tailors to each trader’s personality, risk tolerance, strengths/weaknesses, and lifestyle. He has shared his vision and experience in the public media, including Forbes, Globe & Mail, Macleans, and BBC.