The Hart House Investment Club is open to all students in all faculties of the University of Toronto, and serves as a platform to educate students about the world of investing.

+ Network

We seek to establish a connection between students and industry professionals, through our Speaker Series Events. These are events held by our corporate partners, who often present a specific element of their work.

+ Community

We provide a community of like-minded individuals by providing a platform for group discussion, on our facebook group. Students of any educational background are welcome to contribute to our organization.

+ Education

In addition to providing industry knowledge in our targeted Speaker Series, the HHIC is devoted to offering an educational curriculum. As part of a new initiative, the HHIC is seeking to provide entry-level basic training for all of its paid members.

+ Supporters

The HHIC is recognized by the Univeristy of Toronto, Ulife, and the Rotman Commerce Program. In addition, the HHIC is a partner of the Economics Students' Association, and is the regional partner of both the Association of Intercollegiate Investment Clubs and the Investors of Tomorrow.